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Expand Your Outdoor Selling Space

Retail space in convenience stores is always a challenge especially with larger bulkier items. Forecourt Express understands this challenge and with a forward thinking mindset has developed an outdoor display program designed to maximize this outdoor selling space. Imagine if you could gain another 200 sq ft of selling space and the profitability that goes along with it, and strategically positioned merchandisers will lead to more impulse purchases.

When it comes to convenience stores, every square inch of selling space is precious real estate. And when the inside of a store is fully merchandised, the only place left to go is the forecourt area. Some convenience store retailers have made good use of the forecourt area—whether or not it featured fuel pumps—to promote select items. Traditionally, fire wood and windshield washer fluid have been strong sellers during winter months, while cartons of soft drinks stacked high and priced right have been popular during summer. C-stores are being challenged to rethink the forecourt as a way to merchandise product outside the store.

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