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Boost Sales in the 4th Quarter at Your C-Store

Outdoor Merchandising that Brings Peace of Mind.

We know that security is always on the top of your mind when you’re a retailer. No retailer wants merchandise stored outside to become a source of shrink. To solve the problem, stores have to eliminate the sense of opportunity thieves feel when they see products displayed outside in the open. Our outdoor security merchandisers can be locked up during off business hours so your merchandise is protected when no one is around. By preventing shrink…you’ll increase your profitability.

Our high security outdoor merchandisers will increase your convenience store’s profits by positioning impulse purchases right at the pump. At Forecourt Express, we strive to help you capture incremental sales by offering your customers products they need in a convenient place. With consumers busier than ever, the demand for convenience will not slow down, and convenience stores that understand the new shopping patterns and how to most efficiently meet these customer demands are sure to succeed.

With their durable outdoor powder coating, Forecourt Express merchandisers securely fastened to the concrete pad will provide years of profitable sales. They are designed to safely store any product, from cases of water to antifreeze. Forecourt Express creates additional merchandising space for any size store, adding additional revenue to your locations. Features of our security merchandisers include dual padlocks, space-saving nylon gliding doors, custom color choices, integrated sign holders for large promotional graphics and optional rollout carts. We would be happy to discuss your fuel site layout and how our merchandisers can generate additional revenue for your c store. To learn more please contact us at 877-655-2324 or at

Boost Sales in the 4th Quarter at Your C-Store


Brainstorm products and service options. Seek innovation. Consider what special products or services you can provide to entice customers to shop at your establishment. Innovation meets convenience in Forecourt Express’s outdoor merchandising display cases which allows c-store owners to increase sales space and the bottom line.

Expand Offerings with Seasonal Merchandise

With limited space, convenience stores may struggle to figure out where to put seasonal items. Forecourt Express offers a solution with unique outdoor display units that securely store seasonal items. This is a great opportunity to expand your seasonal offering all year long. Offering different products designed to securely hold items such as mulch, grass fertilizer, charcoal, automotive products, cases of water and even pumpkins! Creative outdoor displays, when combined with space-saving techniques, will help you maximize your seasonal sales potential.


Merchandise your products attractively. People are more likely to buy products that are featured in an attractive display. Position complementary items near each other. This way, when a customer buys one item, for example charcoal, they can easily find other necessities such as lighter fluid or long matches. This can boost sales by doubling purchases.

Consider outdoor merchandising, by looking at new merchandising options right at the pump islands you have the unique opportunity to enhance the customer experience while increasing revenue for your business.

Customer Loyalty

Set yourself apart from your competition. One way to boost sales is to increase foot traffic. Do this by creating loyal customers who actively seek your convenience store instead of merely stopping somewhere else en route. Even if your business does not provide gas service, brainstorm ways to set your store apart from all the others with similar floor plans that are selling the same products.

Increase Impulse Purchases

Everyone else does it and so should you! You should create incremental sales to improve your bottom line. First, create the opportunity for incremental sales by placing point of purchase displays in customer dwell areas. These are areas where your customers frequent like the pump islands or the cash wrap. FCE merchandising display cases are strategically positioned for impulse purchases. Create more value for your customer and increase impulse sales with outdoor display units which hold everyday items like cases of water & snacks and seasonal items like firewood, mulch and salt. Strategically positioned to be impulse purchases while already at your store. Available in different sized security cages and Grab-N-Go cases to fit your store layout and design.

Keep Your Store Stocked

Customers love a well stocked store. Whatever you end up stocking, don’t run out of it. If a customer shows up looking for a 12-pack of their favorite energy drink, and you only have a six-pack, they may not be back. We suggest looking at your inventory daily, or every other day, to make sure you have everything your customers need. Analyze inventory fluctuations. Stay ahead of the trends. Your diligence will be reflected in an uptick to your bottom line.

Cleanliness Is Essential

Arguably, this should have topped the list. The premise is short and sweet. If you want people to make your store the top-of-mind go-to for quick stops and impulse purchases, it needs to be neat and orderly. No exceptions. One bad customer experience can do lasting damage. In today’s 500 million tweets per day era, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

At the end of the day, everybody loves convenience. Keep a clean store, stock it with products your customers love, make it easy for them to get in and out, and they’ll reward you by making you their destination for choice for all of their quick purchases!


To learn more give us a call at 877-602-6232
Or email us at:

Call us at 877-602-6232, learn more at

Small Pallet

Small Security Cage

3 included in example


Sidewalk Pallet

Sidewalk Merchandisers

4 included in example


Large Pallet

Large Security Cage

2 included in example


Full Pallet

Full Pallet Security Cage

2 included in example


2-Door Grab-N-Go

2-Door Grab-N-Go Merchandiser

0 included in example


4-Door Grab-N-Go

4-Door Grab-N-Go Merchandiser

1 included in example


*This is a sample layout for a 6 pump set up using 8 total Forecourt Express exterior displays. Illustration is based on current users. Your actual sales may vary based on traffic, product mix and market area.*

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